About the New Zealand Programming Contest

The NZPC is an annual contest, usually held in September, and open to all programmers in New Zealand. Teams from outside New Zealand may enter the ANZAC League which runs at the same time and uses the same problem set.


There are 5 categories under which teams may compete, each category having its own winner. The categories range from school pupils to professional programmers. Category Details


No sites are running in 2021 - we will be running an on-line only contest. Register through DOMjudge on contest day.


The contest is for teams of up to 3 contestants who have 5 hours to solve problems using their own computers.

To solve a problem, a team must write a solution in one of the available languages (usually C#, C++, Jave and Python) and submit it to the automatic judging system. If this solution gives the same output to all test cases as does the judge's solution, then the problem is considered solved.

In the NZPC, problems are graded. Solved problems score 3, 10, 30 or 100 points according to their difficulty as decided by the judges.

In each category, the team with the most points wins. Where equal, places are decided by the time taken to arrive at a solution.

The Results page show winners, scoreboards and problems from the most recent contest.